Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut Thermal Paste Review

Thermal Grizzly is a rather new name in the thermal paste market but it didn’t take long for the company to step into the spotlight as both its Kyronaut and Hydronaut thermal paste quickly took the crowd by storm and with all the positive feedback and reviews that are flooding in. Thermal Grizzly is now the new king in the thermal paste market, and we have picked Kyronaut as the… continue reading

Thermal interface material (TIM) application guide

The thermal interface material (TIM), which’s usually featured either by a thermal pad or a thermal paste, is a very essential element in any CPU cooling system, as it works as a thermally-conductive medium that helps transferring heat between the CPU and the heat sink, and any sort of incorrect application can negatively affect the heat dissipation process and lead to a serious defect in the whole cooling system. For… continue reading

Best Heat-Sink Thermal Paste For CPU Cooling | 2017

There’s no doubt among computer savvies that cooling down the CPU surface and keeping its temperature within a low-level during heavy workloads is highly important if you are serious about gaining the utmost of your CPU performance. And if you’re someone who excessively uses their computer in tough data processing environment, such as extreme gaming, professional video editing, and complex 3D animation design, then the temperature level of CPU must… continue reading